Choosing The Best HVAC Contractor

1) A Telephone Bid Just Isn’t Enough

Because there are so many different things to consider when choosing the ideal HVAC contractor, it’s impossible to have a bid given to you over the phone. A reputable contractor will acknowledge the need to visit your home to provide a bid for any work that is going to be carried out, because of various factors. These include the amount of ducting present and other variables that affect the work and the cost. Some brokers are simply trying to get a kickback from other contractors, and there are also plenty of inexperienced contractors around; if someone suggests to you that a telephone bid is adequate, be careful as it may be one of those scenarios. It’s important that all the relevant parts and fixtures in your home are checked thoroughly before giving you a bid for the work, and any reliable contractor understands this and will not try to suggest anything different to you.

2) Don’t Use the Same Model to Replace an Older Unit

You can expect your air conditioning unit to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years if it is properly maintained, and any good HVAC contractor will tell you that a unit made in the last few years isn’t comparable to one that was manufactured in 1990. You can enjoy a home that’s as efficient as possible and make sure your home meets the current standards, by working with an HVAC contractor who is properly trained and certified. Our company always gives the best possible advice for your particular situation and will customize the A/C unit you need, unlike some other companies that are simply trying to get rid of their inventory of older units. Not all air conditioning units are the same, and it’s very difficult to rely on the inventory in a warehouse to make sure you end up with the perfect unit for your needs. Choosing the appropriate model and size of the unit is a must, and our experts can help you to do just that.

3) Contractors’ State License Board Licensing Is Essential

You can be reassured that your chosen contractor will do a thorough and safe job if you make a point of working with an HVAC contractor who is licensed. Clearly, if you work with a contractor who isn’t licenced, you run the risk of having shoddy work carried out or the wrong system installed. Unfortunately, this is all too common in California and other states. The proper disposals are needed for such things as electrical systems and gas lines, and of course, working with someone who isn’t familiar with these can be downright dangerous too. If a contractor doesn’t have the proper licensing, then just don’t work with them; it means they don’t have the applicable experience or authorization to install an A/C system. Look for the contractor’s number, which should be clearly indicated on their website and any literature they give you. Be assured that all our contractors have the necessary licensing and training.

4) Get a Written Estimate From Your HVAC Contractor

A written contract is always recommended, partly in case it has to be used in legal proceedings if one of the parties forfeits the contract. Any reputable contractor should know this and should be prepared to supply you with a written bid for any proposed work; the best thing is just not to work with someone who doesn’t adhere to this. The bid must have the price that is being charged for the work and everything that is included in the work.

5) Beware the Lowest Bid

We pride ourselves on carrying out any HVAC work in your home safely and thoroughly, and we always deliver quality work. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for every HVAC contractor, especially those that place a bid that just seems too low. In this industry, you really do get what you pay for, and it’s well worth paying extra for reliable and knowledgeable service. In 2005, our company was needed to repair almost 30 percent of air conditioning units in residential homes that had been inadequately repaired by contractors who simply weren’t qualified to do the job. We really don’t want to have to fix an air conditioning unit that was supposedly repaired less than a year ago, but just wasn’t fixed properly.

6) Don’t Work With the One Brand Contractor

In the HVAC industry, it’s surprisingly common for some contractors to only work with one particular brand of unit, and if at all possible, you should avoid working with these contractors. Some brands are just better than others; they may just be a better and more respected brand, but they may also be more suited to a particular situation. However, there are plenty of dishonest and disreputable contractors out there who just won’t tell you this, and who are just trying to sell you a particular brand of unit. These contractors have typically signed a contract with a specific manufacturer and are then trying to do everything possible to sell that particular brand to homeowners. It doesn’t matter to them whether that particular brand is the best to do the job. We don’t work like that and will, of course, recommend the HVAC brand that will do the best job for your specific situation.

To Conclude

Trusting your instincts is something that is important when it comes to choosing a qualified and reputable HVAC contractor to carry out work in your home. But at the same time, it’s also important to do your research to make sure you choose the best person for the job. You don’t want to choose an HVAC contractor based solely on the rates they charge; it’s clearly just as important to work with someone that you trust, has a good reputation and will get the job done the first time properly. The process of installing a new HVAC unit or repairing or troubleshooting your existing one can go a lot more smoothly if you work with someone reliable. It may take a little research, and that can mean asking friends and neighbours for recommendations, looking at reviews and comments posted online, and talking to the contractor to make sure all your questions are answered. But the end result is well worth it when you know that the work has been carried out safely by someone who knows what they are doing and that you won’t need to call someone else to fix the work any time soon. We stand by our work and strive to deliver the best possible customer service, along with the highest quality HVAC products.